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P&M Billing was founded in October 2002 by Felipe Perez and Marta Morin. They saw a need in the medical community, specifically in small and medium medical practices for an inexpensive and professional service that provides outsourcing of administrative functions such as billing and bookkeeping. The only choices were very expensive and complicated software systems that required expensive training, were difficult to use and lacked flexibility.


They believed that by using the Internet they could provide an efficient, easy to use, and inexpensive medical billing and practice management service that will allow doctors to maximize the time they employ treating patients and minimize the paperwork and other administrative functions; providing at the same time ubiquitous access to the information generated by their practice.


To provide superior outsourcing services that enable small to medium sized medical offices to dramatically improve the cost effectiveness of their practice management and to provide them.


Maximize our customers’ revenue and cash flow with integrity. Maximize our customers’ revenue and cash flow with integrity. Maximize our customers’ revenue.


Be the leader in practice management outsourcing service to small and medium sized medical practices, by taking advantage of the use of the Internet as a cost cutting and information.

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