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Track Payments

We track all payments, from third parties and patients, being able to provide you with accurate aging reports of your account receivables. We understand that having an effective tracking system is paramount in order to obtain acceptable collection rates.

Our tracking system gets started the day after the claims are submitted with the acceptance and exclusion reports from the Clearinghouse, those claims that were excluded by the Clearinghouse are fixed and resubmitted immediately. In the following days (usually 2 or 3), with the acceptance reports from the payers, we continue tracking the claims. For those claims that are rejected by the payers, we act immediately by gathering the required information from the insured party or the providers' office. These reports may become very useful in order to proof timely filing in an appeals process.

The next step in tracking claims is once EOB (Explanation of Benefits) are received. We act immediately (within the same day) on denied claims; either by fixing the problem, calling the payer in case is their error, by calling the insured party if the issue is eligibility, COB etc.. We keep track of the resolution of these issues using a spreadsheet and are also documented in the Practice Management Software. The tracking information is available for our customers to see and audit.

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